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The phrase “curb appeal” isn’t just lip service paid to a home with nice landscaping – it’s an important part of homeownership, especially when you’re ready to sell your home. Greater Purpose Construction LLC, a top-rated roofing company serving Portland, offers some value-enhancing tips for our customers to consider.

New Siding and Fresh Paint

For the vast majority of people, a home’s color is the first element to make an impression, and thus it’s a critical component to curb appeal. A house that’s painted too dark can appear uninviting, while a house with a paint job that’s too light or neutral can conjure up a “blah” feeling. In our opinion, the best way to approach house-painting is to let the paint accentuate the best parts of your home: bay windows, cupola, A-frames, door, etc.


If you happen to live in a brick house whose exterior was painted over before you bought it, you might consider stripping the paint away. Brick’s appeal is timeless, it’s always one of the hottest home trends, and its presence is a guaranteed value-increase for your home.


New siding installation can significantly increase the value of your home. Not only does new siding improve curb appeal, it also improves the overall condition of the home. Greater Purpose Construction LLC offers a wide variety of high quality and cost effective siding options. Curious about new siding installation? Get a free quote today.  


Replace Your Roof

Long gone are the days when a roof’s only purpose was to keep the occupants beneath it dry. Of course structural integrity is still a priority, but today a roof’s color and material significantly impact a home’s curb appeal.


In fact, a roof replacement is arguably the most value-generating exterior renovation, with a 2017 report from the National Association of Realtors stating that homeowners can expect to recover around 109% of the project cost. And since modern-day roofs retain their quality for at least 20 years – especially those installed by our talented team of roofers – putting a new roof on your home before going to market is a terrific way to generate even more buyer excitement.


New Windows

Along with ensuring your roof, siding, and paint colors are on-point, enhancing your windows provides benefits inside and outside of your home. The biggest internal upside to new windows is the minimization of drafts and thereby your monthly HVAC bill. On the outside, windows that are attractive in both color and design are a huge draw for prospective buyers.


Matching the color of your windows’ sills and shutters to other external elements, i.e. the front door, delivers a big boost to curb appeal. Also, if you have the budget to enhance your windows with a faux iron balcony or a real balcony, our local construction company highly recommends it.


Landscaping Upgrade

Attractive landscaping is another way to make your home the belle of the block. When a home shopper drives past and sees only grass between the street and your front door, they may think twice about stopping. Flowers, bushes, and decorative plants are all simple ways to enhance your home’s charm, as are a brick walkway or a new deck.


Most homebuyers begin their search by looking at pictures online, and a landscaping upgrade will really help your home pop.


Maximize Your Curb Appeal Today

Ready to maximize your home’s curb appeal and send its value through the roof? Contact Greater Purpose Construction LLC and tap into our expertise. A new roof, siding installation, a fresh coat of paint, upgraded windows – we do it all. Drop us a line today and let’s discuss your goals.

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