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Replacing Roof Shingles: Why Quality Counts

When you work with Greater Purpose Construction, you partner with a roofing company that uses only the highest-quality materials in every project, and for every budget. This includes roof shingles, which are important not just aesthetically but also functionally. Keep the following points in mind when you’re ready to source a new roof or solicit […]
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how long will a roof last in portland or vancouver?

How Long Does a Roof Last?

You probably don’t even think about your roof if it’s working correctly, but a problem can quickly become a headache—or worse.  After all, everything else in your home or building depends on the integrity of the roof. On average shingle roofs, are said to last 20 years, although Greater Purpose Construction LLC has the tools […]
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Boost Your Home’s Value With Greater Purpose Construction LLC

The phrase “curb appeal” isn’t just lip service paid to a home with nice landscaping – it’s an important part of homeownership, especially when you’re ready to sell your home. Greater Purpose Construction LLC, a top-rated roofing company serving Portland, offers some value-enhancing tips for our customers to consider.
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Roof Warranty Options Explained

Installing a new roof or replacing a damaged one can be a costly undertaking. This is why it is important to ensure that you use quality materials. At Greater Purpose Construction LLC, we source and install high-quality roofing products to help you maximize the value of your investment. Working with us gives you access to […]
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roof replacement tools on shingled roof

Getting a Roof Replacement? Here’s What to Expect

Roof replacement is an essential part of keeping your home in good shape and can be relatively painless with the right local roofing company. Knowing what to expect can mitigate some of the stress and help you to plan around the process. Roof Replacement 101 Don’t settle for the first roofing company you come across […]
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Portland roofer installing new shingles on roof

How Much Does A New Roof Cost?

If your roof is missing shingles, leaking, sagging, or rotting – it may be time for a roof replacement. But how much does a new roof cost? Greater Purpose Construction LLC proudly serves homes and commercial buildings in Oregon and Washington, and we would love to talk with you about your roofing project. We offer […]
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roofing contractor in Vancouver WA climbing on roof

What to Look for in Local Roofing Contractors in Vancouver WA

The roof is arguably the most vital element of any house. A well-installed roof not only improves your house’s indoor comfort but also elevates your home’s curb appeal. However, to maintain your roof’s value, you will need to schedule regular maintenance with a local roofing companies in Vancouver WA. Routine roof maintenance keeps your roof […]
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male construction worker holds rolled-up paper

5 Things to Ask Portland Roofing Contractors

When you need repair work done on your roof, or if you need an entirely new roof installed, you need to be sure that the Portland roofing contractors you’re considering working with are legitimate, and have the necessary skills to do a great job on your home. If you happen to have a friend or […]
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