Replacing Roof Shingles: Why Quality Counts

When you work with Greater Purpose Construction, you partner with a roofing company that uses only the highest-quality materials in every project, and for every budget. This includes roof shingles, which are important not just aesthetically but also functionally. Keep the following points in mind when you’re ready to source a new roof or solicit roof repairs in Portland.  

Quality Roof Shingles Provide Roof Protection

Quality shingles provide exceptional protection against various threats. For example, a shingle’s resistance to wind is important, especially if you reside in an area where high winds are a threat. Properly installed shingles, along with support from bonds and fasteners, should be able to resist strong winds, some of which can gust up to 150 miles per hour. Impacts are another important variable: things like hail, falling tree branches, wind-strewn debris, severe downpours, and anything else that could dent, crack, or break your roofing shingles. A quality shingle can withstand any of these things and hold up under pressure.


Most critically, shingles are vital for protecting your home’s interior from moisture caused by snow, rain, ice, and the like. If your roof’s shingles are of subpar quality, you’re opening yourself to the possibility of leaks, which in turn lead to major issues like mold and mildew. 


Quality Roof Shingles Boost Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency has never been more important than it is today, and quality shingles go a long way towards preventing wastefulness. A strong roof promotes good ventilation, top-notch insulation, and minimal air leaks, all of which add up to lower heating expenses in winter and AC costs in summer. 


Increase Home Equity with Quality Roof Shingles

Quality shingles add up to a quality roof, one which greatly enhances curb appeal – an essential criteria for increasing your home’s equity. A house whose roof is neglected and in need of repairs is a turnoff to potential homebuyers, whereas a roof that’s free of dents, sags, and moss will only increase a home’s value. 


Our Roof Shingles


At Greater Purpose Construction, we offer a variety of shingles for different building styles, needs, and budgets. For example, our architectural shingles are imbued with waterproofing material that renders them exceptionally leak-resistant. Limited lifetime manufacturer warranties are available on these shingles which helps to ensure their quality, and their attractiveness, further boosting overall value. 


We also provide shingles that integrate a high-profile ridge and enhanced venting, a combination that elevates product quality even further, especially with the 50-year warranty that’s available. And for the absolute finest in curb appeal and durability, our “presidential-style” shingles are the only choice. In addition to being among the market’s most visually appealing options, these shingles are also two to three times thicker. 


Whichever shingle you select, installation is performed by seasoned roofing professionals who understand just how important peace of mind is. You’ll also benefit from the fact that are local roofing company is a preferred certified installer for the roofing industry’s four largest manufacturers: GenFlex, GAF, IKO, and Certainteed. 


For Unrivaled Quality, Choose Greater Purpose Construction

Our Portland roofers bring unrivaled expertise and thoughtfulness to every project we’re involved in. No matter the project size or budget, Greater Purpose Construction uses quality shingles that deliver maximum value. Contact us today for a free quote.

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