Tips For Safeguarding Your Roof and Gutters During The Rainy Season

roof with rain

The worst of the rainy season is over, which makes it the best time to inspect your roof and gutters for wear and tear from a long winter. Here are useful tips from your local Portland roofer for safeguarding your roof and gutters for the rest of the spring. 

Clean Those Gutters

If you’ve been a homeowner for any significant amount of time, you know that clogged gutters are one of the biggest causes of a leaky roof. During a thunderstorm, water collects in your home’s gutters, and when it has nowhere to go it begins exerting enough pressure to compromise your roof. The good news is, this scenario is easily avoided by having gutters and downspouts cleaned regularly, as well as being inspected for breaks/gaps in the gutter seams. Also, don’t forget to confirm that the gutter brackets create a secure attachment between the gutters and your house.

Tree Trimming

Trees are great for a lot of reasons, but when their branches overhang a home, there’s always a risk of a branch breaking off during a storm and damaging the roof. For this reason, our roofing company recommends that customers arrange for the trimming of any trees on their property that could pose a “falling branch” hazard.

Is Your Roof Sheeting Secure?

One of the best ways to ensure a watertight roof is to confirm that the roof’s sheeting is properly secured to the roof frame. There are three things in particular to look for here: 1) that the correct fastener type is used; 2) that the right amount of fasteners is present; and 3) that the roof frame itself is correctly attached to the house proper.

Fix Roof Leaks Pronto

Along with investing in gutter repair before the rainy season hits, do a thorough inspection of your home’s roof so that any leaks can be identified and fixed asap. Even though confirming a leak’s presence from the inside of your home (i.e. in the attic or a bedroom) is easy, going up on the roof and pinpointing the leak’s location can be difficult. Greater Purpose Construction LLC suggests taking a garden hose up to the roof and spraying in different locations until the leak is found.

Safety is paramount whenever the roof is involved. You should always work with another person, and wear proper safety gear: specifically, a safety harness and rubber-soled shoes to prevent slipping.

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