How to Select Shingles for Roofing Projects in Portland

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As a homeowner, you have likely heard the expression that your home represents your life’s largest financial investment. It makes sense that you would want a strong and supportive roof to protect everything inside of the home, including your family. At Greater Purpose Construction LLC, it’s our job to install the right roofing materials for your Portland home so you can feel good about doing everything possible to protect your home and family.


Professionalism and Integrity You Can Depend On

We understand that you have many choices when it comes to choosing a roofing contractor in Portland. However, very few of our competitors think beyond earning profits for the company to what they can do to make a difference on an international scale. This is just one way that Greater Purpose Construction LLC is different. We donate a portion of our profits to a global organization dedicated to helping people live healthier and more productive lives.

Our founders, who have been friends since childhood, insist on hiring only passionate and dedicated people who put the customer first. Dmitri and Alex have personally selected 25 professionals to staff their Portland-area roofing company. They also insist on using only the highest quality of roofing materials for our customers. Whether you’re buying on a budget or only want to work with well-known manufacturers in the roofing industry, our company is here to meet your needs.


How We Categorize Different Types of Roofing Shingles

All of our roofing shingles are of superior quality and made for Portland weather. However, we realize that you need to consider several factors when choosing the most appropriate shingles for your home or commercial building. We rank our shingles according to the following categories:

Good: The shingles we use for architecture are ideal when you need to stick to a budget but still want a guarantee of quality. These shingles come with a limited warranty, are waterproof and leak-resistant, improve the aesthetics of your roof, and can last for decades before you need to consider replacing them.

Better: We consider shingles in the better category to be the best value our company offers. Their high ridge profile and improved venting capabilities mean that these shingles can help to protect the roof of your home for up to 50 years. We feel so certain of the longevity that we offer a 50-year warranty on these shingles. Homeowners have consistently told us that they love the appearance and functionality of our better roof shingles.

Best: These presidential shingles are the most superior product we offer for people who desire new roofing in Portland. They are two to three times thicker than the shingles in either of our other categories. Our presidential shingles really allow you to make a statement with the appearance of your home while also providing extreme durability.

If you’re curious about our work, check out some of the other roofing projects we’ve completed.


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