Warning Signs That Indicate Your Property’s Roof Is Aging

As well-established Portland roofers, Greater Purpose Construction LLC knows the signs of an aging commercial roof. By catching these signs in time, you can save yourself from further damage to other parts of your home. Here are several of the most common.  


A roof should never sag or be uneven because its specifically designed to bear its weight. Sagging has several causes, but the main one is age. Installing new roofing material over old material, can create a pancake effectand may lead to sagging, especially as the overall roof structure ages. Another contributor to sagging is over-accumulation of moisture, which is a common issue with commercial buildings whose roofs are typically flat.  


Seaming Gaps

The majority of commercial roofing incorporates waterproofing materials that integrate with the roofs decking. These materials are connected by seams, and as a roof ages, theres a higher chance of water penetrating the seaming and soaking into the roof. Seaming gaps are difficult to assess without having a professional roofer onsite to evaluate them. This is something we encourage every business to do because by the time you notice moisture coming through the ceiling of your building, you could have a big problem on your hands.  


Signs Of Moisture

Depending on the size and type of commercial building you work in, and the kind of roof it has, it may be easy to see evidence of moisture within the buildings interior. Telltale signs include water stains on the ceiling, water-drip marks on the walls, and a damp smell in certain parts of the building. Most of the time, the presence of moisture is due to an aging roof.


Failed Flashings

Flashings are an under the radarroofing item that you dont hear much about. However, they have an important role to play as components used to create a sealing in the areas where your buildings roof is joined with other structures. Flashings are needed in spots where two roofing materials meet at such an angle that they cant overlap and create a seal. Similar to seaming gaps, its hard to know whether your roofs flashings are deteriorating or have been pulled free. Its a good idea to have an experienced roofer do a periodic inspection of your flashings, especially if your roof has been around awhile.  


More Expensive Energy Bills

A roof has several responsibilities: keeping a building dry, acting as an insulator, and shielding a buildings interior from the hot sun during summer months. If you find that your monthly heating and cooling bills are on the rise, an aging roof is a possible culprit. 



Weve saved the most obvious warning sign for last. Nothing lasts forever, and even the best roof will lose its protective abilities over time. The older your commercial roof gets, the more frequently you should have it inspected. At some point, it will need to be replaced. 


Trust Our Pros To Care For Your Commercial Roof

Greater Purpose Construction LLC is a highly-rated roofing company with extensive experience in roof installation and replacement. Contact us to learn if your old roof needs to be replaced. We offer free estimates.

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